Garden yoyoing

This is my new video, hope you enjoy  :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
All comments and criticism welcome

nice vid :slight_smile:

Awesome video! Great song, awesome tricks!

thanks a lot everyone :slight_smile:

nice tricks
whats the song,please?

inspiring vid. i literally was compelled to stop the video and try some of the things i saw.

thanks, the song is called young folks by peter, bjorn and john :slight_smile:

I never though this would be inspiring, it makes me super happy, thanks ;D

nice tricks where’d you learn them??

thanks ;D, I learn most the tricks from youtube tutorials and vids, but some I learn at meets and from friends

do you know the name of some of the tutorials, i really need some new tricks


here are some channels with tutorials:

Look around these channels there are some good tricks, some of the tricks I do are in these tutorials,
I hope this helps you  :wink:

thanks that really helps ;D