Galactic Goose Bumps!

Coming soon to YOYOEXPERT!

This thing is stunning!

This is the new yo-yo from both SPYY and CLYW of Canada. A team effort from the 2 Canadian Yo-Yo Companies.
Canada is one of my favorite places. I am from Alaska so I kind of feel a little Canadian. I have to admit I pretty much LOVE everything Steve and Chris come out with as they both have such a great attention to detail and I feel are really connected to the true spirit of the yo-yo as a toy.
This yo-yo has a wacky rim shape with a little groove that you can sometimes hit with the string. It also features the awesome spikes which are a signature of SPYY yo-yo’s. The color and finish are so high quality and I’m a huge fan of brownish yo-yos. Grinds so good and the shape feels great in the hand. Large bearing and silicone response that you are used to in a Peak or Wooly Marmont. The engravings and box art are by the very awesome Sid Seed.
Love the weight plays like a dream!

Galactic Goose Specifications
Weight: 66 grams
Diameter: 53mm
Width: 39.7mm
Gap Width: 4.0mm
Bearing: C size, stainless steel, dry
Response: Flowable silicone
Finish: Bead blasted, acid wash anodized

Comparison shot… PEAK, Galactic Goose, Genesis


I want.

Haha, what Samad said ^



WHEN WHEN WHEN i hope they dont sell out really quick when they come cause im short on cash

that little groove you mention that catches the string sometimes is driving me crazy haha.