G5 Tricks

Does anyone know any G5 tricks that have to do with using the Z-stacks?

do a finger gring and while grinding grab hubstacks and whip string around wrist into yoyo while holding or throw sideways throw pop yoyo up catch stacks in midair throw yoyo up a liittle perform a hook while yoyo in air

did you watch the g5 video? there are some cool tricks there.
Or just play around, try stuff out.
you could probably do some cool slack tricks while holding the z stacks

365 yoyo tricks. Steve brown makes a bunch of em like cigar boxes is one i can name. But yeah he has soooo many.

i have been doing alot with my g5 recently and made up a bunch of tricks. really just make up your own, that is the best part you get to be creative.