G2 YoYos New - Eclipse Day

Activity Log : 3.31.24 : Slingshot Testing


Happy April Fool’s Day to you too.


These slingshots look fantastic. A bit bummed I already blew through my yoyo budget :rofl:. No way they make it until im ready to reload so im already hoping for another run lol.


Red Pill Slingshot :drooling_face:


Can we have a straight on pic of the profile? Something about the flipped materials makes it so I cant seem to get my head around the proportions😂

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It’s a thing of beauty


Do you have a release date and price set? @G2_Jake


Big ole happy birthday to the Bossman himself, happy birthday @G2_Jake!!


Yes but I do my best not to post anything with release info here on the YYE forums.


Check their instagram.

Where do I go for the Slingshot drop. the G2website?

You need to be a part of his Patreon for G2 drops

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I am a member on Patreon, so, I look for the drop there. Thanks.


You don’t need to be on Patreon for this drop. G2 website, 1PM EST today. He’s testing live on YouTube currently.

thats not true, patreon is just for patreon shipments. G2 has multiple store drops per month, and the slinghot yoyo is selling on the store. 1pm EST today.


Oh, well then… I was given incomplete data. Thank you for the heads up


G2 is funny there are lots of different things going on. Patreon monthly throws, special Patreon buys, discord office sales, the G2 store drops and various other projects like the YYBC yo-yos and such. Lots of different avenues to buy a G2 depending on what Jake’s doing heck some stuff like the soy was a sign up like thing on discord. I think a ti llt might be coming along like that eventually idk…

Hard to keep up with all Jake does but honestly MMYY is probably the easiest way to keep up to date with just a few minutes of listening in to a YouTube video a week.


Good bit to unpack here today while being respectful to YYE forum rules.

Patreon is a platform is use to handle a membership service for monthly shipments. Members get new yoyo every month in the mail. Never the same.

I have a website for standard releases. I’m not in any retail stores. I’m working on a plan that makes sense to get back into YYE at the end of the year or 2025.

Our discord is home to many projects.
Yoyoboomers club is over there. I’ve done other community inspired designs there.

The office sales there are like if I used the bst here for b grades or personal items.

But yeah you don’t need to be a Patreon member to get a G2. That is often touted as the easiest way because there’s no drop management if you can get a slot.


Forums were down today so MMYY is late.

Goooooood morning!

First off thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday! After I got some work done in the morning I tried to stay off the phone. 35 is feeling pretty good.

No jokes here today! Only jokes on you if you messed up your time zone and missed the drop.

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