G2, OD, Thesis, iYoyo Smashing, MYY, 2Sick, YYF

Collection has grown too big too fast. A lot of these are duplicates even. Help me out! Money going towards my upcoming kid! A girl, so wife going crazy buying already. Package deals cheaper. CONUS preferred.

Trades I’d consider: SF, G2, and Unspoken. Really looking for an Unspoken Riddle in black.

YYE Ting - NM. Never sparked. $38

2Sick Gecko - NM. Just got it and found I like the other better. $40

MYY Skyva - NM with box. $38

YYF Czech Point - Has some pinpricks for when it rolled out of my pocket $25

Thesis SynThesis - NM. $35

General Yo - Legato - NM. $70

Smashing Interlagos - Stealth Edition - MIB Smooth. $65

MYY Magical - Mint - I only want to sell this one with another yoyo. $40

SOLD Thesis SynThesis - Eclipse edition - NM. $35

SOLD iYoyo Iceberg - NM $45

SOLD YoyoFreaks Unknown Edition - Mint. Played once or twice then stayed in case. $55

SOLD One Drop Kuntosh - Has two matching dings. Bought that way. Still smooth. $40

SOLD YYF Mighty Flea - has some usual stainless scratches. Bought it that way. Still plays great. Comes with 20 strings. $40

SOLD MYY Stealth - NM $25

PICS: https://imgur.com/a/sCAwE