G2 BigBoi, DB Lagos, YYF bundles -- prices dropped

Some prices dropped, but not reflected in the picture.

20181112_220440 20181112_220356

  • G2 BigBoi $65
  • Smashing Interlagos - pinky minky w/ ■■■■■■■■ mint w/ box $65
  • YYF Marco & D10 b-grade - Marco has a little vibe $38
  • Plastics Bundle – Duncan FH (c bearing), Boreas Pro, Wedge $20

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m also willing to make some deals if you pick up more than one throw. Generally, U.S. shipping is+$3; outside the U.S. is +10-15 depending on where.


Is POM machined plastic? I’ve been looking for the answer but am only finding the acronym without explanation.

Also, does anyone have any impressions on it compared against the original Draup?

Hi – I believe POM is machined plastic rather than injection molded.

I cannot compare directly to the Draupnir, but I do have a few bi-metals in a similar vein (hummingbird, flashback). The weight distribution is not quite as extreme as your typical bi-metal, so while you have a good deal of rim weight, you don’t get that same sort of power that you might be used to in a bi-metal. That is not to say it has poor spin times by any means, it’s quite good, just not as extreme as a bi-metal design.

I’m not sure if this answers your question or not, but hopefully it helps and maybe someone else can chime in and provide better feedback.



POM is short for polyoxymethylene. It is a higher quality plastic. A lot plastic yoyos are polycarbonate, usually molded sometimes machined. POM is comparable to aluminum for how well it can be machined.


Quick update – marked a few throws as sold, but the 888 is still available. Let me know if you have any questions.

Still available are the 888, Tempo (some dings fyi), FH, PomNir, D10. Might have some more goodies to add later.

what year is the 888? Intersested either way!

It’s a 2010 model. I added the dice myself, but can include the original stacks if I can find them.

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Bump – reduced price on Marco/D10 and mono edge/wedge bundle (not reflected in picture, but check post). Will do deals on multiple purchases.

bump – please let me know if you have any questions. Please check the post deets as the picture prices are outdated.

Added cog. Looking for Deepstate in trade (might need a rep check for trade).

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Daily bump – let me know if you need additional pictures.

Dropped G2, and Lagos prices. Bundled plastics together. HMU with any questions.

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