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(ClockMonsterLA) #966

Looking forward to this new bimetal. I love my Elite, and this new one looks like a winner too.

(G2 Jake) #967

What’s new in 2019?

(G2 Jake) #968

Free yo-yos from the wonderful yoyo expert.

(G2 Jake) #969

Dove into your questions today.

(G2 Jake) #970

Monday Morning YoYo is live

(G2 Jake) #971

Today’s vlog is live. Must watch imo.

(G2 Jake) #972

Good Morning Peeps. Couple new projects in the works. Teased in today’s video.

(ClockMonsterLA) #973

I just wanna know when the new bimetal will be ready! (And if it will be available in that lovely deep wine red color.)

(G2 Jake) #974

Monday Morning YoYo -

(ClockMonsterLA) #975

Hey @G2_Jake, how often do you restock the Boss Rage bearing? Is it on a regular basis or is it kinda random?

(G2 Jake) #976

Random lol I’ll put some in stock today

(ClockMonsterLA) #977


I can’t seem to have enough of them…

(G2 Jake) #978

This was a fun vlog