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“Combat Hawks”… I love that name!


Also re: being limited to 2 consecutive replies, based on this feedback we rolled out a new change, if you personally created the topic you are immune to this check on your own topic and can make as many consecutive replies as you want … I mean … it is your topic after all … :hugs:

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The last few of a good thing

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Monday Morning YoYo

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I just love that BAP!

(ClockMonsterLA) #950

Was the Hawk ever released in a solid burgundy color?

(G2 Jake) #951

I don’t believe so


Are the current line of G2 yoyos been manufactured in China?

I saw that the Elite 2018’s were made in China.


(G2 Jake) #953

We’re doing a lot of machining there, but the majority of the process (cost and time) is done in the USA. (Ano, assembly, testing, packaging) with the exception of future bimetals.

We used to be very proud of our USA machining but we’ve had to switch to make sure we’re producing the highest quality throws. Our Chinese machine shop is just better now, and its really not close.

Smooth yoyos?
Smooth yoyos?
(G2 Jake) #954

Current state of yo

(ClockMonsterLA) #955

My how times have changed.

USA’s gotta step it up now!

(G2 Jake) #956

100% working with a 4th shop now to see what they can do.

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Monday Morning YoYo. Last call before Christmas


All the custom Ti Hawks turned out really nicely :+1:

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Monday Morning YoYo - Last call of 2018

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Interested in seeing the vlogs here?

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Jonah got his first fortnite W

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Monday Morning YoYo- best and worst yoyo bearings.

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Hope everyone has a happy new year!

Here’s out start!