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(G2 Jake) #905

Big week incoming

(G2 Jake) #906

3:53 for draft info. Sunday night is going to be dope!

(G2 Jake) #907

P19s arrived

(G2 Jake) #908

Top quality Vlog today. Take a look.

(G2 Jake) #909

Sorry I was gone a week. Back now though.

(G2 Jake) #910

This was a ton of fun to make

(G2 Jake) #911

Podcast ep 3. Talking about artificial scarcity

(G2 Jake) #912

Are you guys able to comment in here?


No, I think this is limited to staff and people in the manufacturers group.

Argh I just checked and only manufacturers could see this at all! Oops we kinda messed that up @AndreBoulay! I added everyone permissions to see and reply (but not create new topics) in this category.

(G2 Jake) #914

Haha glad I asked. Kept seeing the locked icon but I wasn’t really sure if maybe just no one wanted to comment


Hi Jake, I like that you have a gallery of all your yoyos on your site but have you considered having more than one picture of each model? I would find a profile and cup picture of each model very useful because as of now, when I’m looking into older G2s, I have to just google the model and hope the pictures I find are labeled properly. Having all that info in one place would be great.

Thanks for reading!

(G2 Jake) #916

Something I am in the “process” of doing. My photographer for the website shots hasn’t been able to get me updated for a while unfortunately

(André Boulay) #917

That’s very odd - I was pretty sure it was setup correctly… Someone else posted in the SF thread in July after I had set that up… :man_shrugging:

Glad it is fixed! :heart:

(G2 Jake) #918

Monday Morning Yoyo

(G2 Jake) #919

Unboxed some awesome stuff - soon for sale you might wanna peep

(Tyler) #920

I’d be happy to help with your photography needs :grin:

(G2 Jake) #921

Examples of your studio work?

(G2 Jake) #922

Top of the line vlog today. Don’t miss it.

(G2 Jake) #923

Monday Morning YoYo -

(G2 Jake) #924

You wanna know more about this yoyo