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(G2 Jake) #883

Paradise fade Nessie.

Soooo goooood

(G2 Jake) #884

Legendary Unicorn Fade is back!

(Erik Kerber ) #885

That looks Epic


Any possible rough timeframe on a Marvel restock? Watching the trickle of images of the new Marvel run on the G2 Facebook page is killing me!

I missed out the first time, and I swear that won’t happen again ;D

(Amplified) #887

They look very nice indeed.


I believe Jake said September sometime. The ones that he recently posted I know are the Reddit colorway that have already been claimed but I think there were more then just that colorway getting finished.


There was a Reddit colourway?

And yeah Jake said something similar to me via email recently. Very much looking forward to the restock :smiley:


Yeah he did a set of polls for the /r/throwers community to choose the colors and design. I am glad I preordered because they turned out awesome.


Yeah those look cool. Too bad I missed out on that reddit poll :frowning:


Son of a gun, G2 killing it.

(G2 Jake) #893

Some of you might have seen we have added Kyle Košárek​ to the G2 family.

In 2015 Kyle, better know as Alphuh, and I started working on a project together know as the Reaper. We still aren’t finished with that, but more on that at a later time.  As I was working on this project with him, we became better and better friends.  Along with that we (G2 fam) started to see how Kyle had the personality and perspectives that fit right in with us.  Fast forward to Worlds 2016, Alphuh stayed at the G2 HQ for a week and solidified the idea that we wanted him to join the team.  Now were are here, he has joined the team and is ready to bring our content creation to the next level.

Some fun facts about Kyle -

He is currently a member of the Air Force, has been married for four years, hopes to go back to college for another degree in 2017.  Many of you may know this, I’m a huge halo fan.  Alphuh is the only person in the yoyo community that can beat me 1v1, and proved it in a Vlog I posted earlier this year.  Kyle started yo-yoing in 2014, when he took his POS Dave and Busters yoyo to the Nebraska yoyo club.  There he met yo-yoing legend Spencer Berry, who gave him a better yoyo, and he was hooked.

Enjoy this short video, expect more soon, including lots of money 8’s.

Lets give him a warm welcome to the team!


Sorry I had to do it. That style is nice, basically what I would emulate if I had the talent


That my friend is funny

(G2 Jake) #896

Well if I’m going to be around. I guess I’ll keep you guys updated with the daily videos.


(G2 Jake) #897

Torched Titanium anyone?

(G2 Jake) #900

Today’s video has a free giveaway

(G2 Jake) #901

Well this was fun.


Your boy is super cute … bringing him up right, throwing yoyos on the ground :heart_eyes:

(G2 Jake) #903

(G2 Jake) #904

Big news