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(G2 Jake) #863

I’m not sure. We don’t usually do second runs of colors, but berries and cream was so good I may just be convinced.


Jake when can we expect more Marvels?


Picked up a Space Panther Marvel today. My first G2, super impressed. The finish/ano is beautiful.

(G2 Jake) #866

Second full run is a bit of a ways out.

These will be on the G2 site Tuesday. But I’m not sure when YYE will have a restock.


Bummer. I will be out of town. My luck continues

(G2 Jake) #868

Thank you! Space Panther is a fav!


That berries n’ cream is so good - sublet to other manufacturers :wink: Wish all my throws were G2 berries n cream 8). Kidding… Sort of…

(G2 Jake) #870

They all could be haha, we have been doing berries and cream all the way back to our very first yoyo release.


There seem to be implied gentleman’s agreements not to bite each other’s company-specific colourways too badly (let’s face it, clear with some sort of blue splash is an example of something any company could have!) but you can’t actually trademark a colourway.

That said, if a company wanted to do “berries n’ cream” it’d probably be considered good form to chat with Jake. And definitely if they wanted to use that name.


Why you gotta crush my dreams Greg ? :stuck_out_tongue:

(G2 Jake) #873

If all your throws are G2 your dream can come true haha

Thanks for the compliments on B&C


G Squared Yoyos, the past, the present, the future. All in the full interview of YoyoTalk:

Thanks to Jake for all the insights and taking the time to chat with me.


(G2 Jake) #875



That colorway is perfect! :o


Here are a few pictures of my Mythic Gemstone Marvel, such a great player. Would love to see some Hulks Blood or other drip colorways!

(G2 Jake) #878

Thanks for sharing!

(G2 Jake) #879

It’s time for the final nessie run. Retirement comes with a brand new colorway.

The Amazon Nessie


I love it!


^^^ What Buggot said!!!

(G2 Jake) #882

Thanks! I think it fits the Nessie perfectly!