G Squared YoYos News #G2yoyos Were Back on the forums!

(G2 Jake) #841

Berries and Cream anyone?

(G2 Jake) #842

Just taking functional art to the next level.

Final Frontier Marvel


Anodisation game strong. :o

Must admit, as mind-blowingly-beautiful as these recent colourways are, I still have a bit of a soft spot for the original black w/ red ano-d logo. That thing looked cleaaaan.


Frontier is prying wallet from my clenched fists.


Those are two of the best looking colorways I have ever seen!


It would be a tough call if I had to pick between the two…


check out what Jake has to say about the Marvel and G2 in general in this short version of the interview I did with him during the latest episode of Throwlicious Live:

a longer version of the interview will be released shortly as a YoyoTalk episode.


(G2 Jake) #848

Love your show bud!


I grabbed an aquatic combat Marvel. Super excited to have my first G2, especially in such an awesome color. Kinda wish there was that black with red logo available, but the other colors are outstanding as always.

(G2 Jake) #850

Thanks for picking one up. Sorry you missed out on the black with red logo.


When I saw the spin photos on the store - I really wanted that berries and cream.


Where was the logo version available? I never saw it

(G2 Jake) #853

On the G2 site. We didn’t promote the release because of a low quantity.


The marvel looks fantastic great job G2!

(G2 Jake) #855

Thanks Abby!

And thank you to everyone else! Looks like there is only one left.


So…restock of that Final Frontier anytime soon? :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #857

Nope! So congrats to those that got them!


I have the WORST luck with snagging the G2s that I want


Got my Marvel today, and it’s really an outstanding throw. Awesome design overall, excellent craftsmanship, beautiful ano job, and cool freebies! Really, I may just have to write up my second full-length review ever for this, it’s that good.

It may have taken a while for me to purchase my first G2, but it certainly won’t be my last. Keep it up, you’re killing it.


Are the other colors going to be reproduced? That berries 'n cream looks delicious…