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(G2 Jake) #783

Sorry can’t share that. But they are crazy good.

(G2 Jake) #784

Check this out! Someone colorways are just better than the others.

Mystic Jungle Triton

({RTD} alecto) #785

Jake why are you doing this!!! Stop just stop i cant take anymore!!!


dude,thats beautiful jake,love the contrast of the green,its out of this world how those colors come together

(G2 Jake) #787

Can’t tell an artist to stop painting. #functionalart


So glad to see that the Triton isn’t dead. Truly my favorite, just feels right. I think it’s time to add another to the group.
Jake, any chance there will be any more 7075 Tritons?


do youknow how awesome it would be to see some 7075 tritons come out again…a chace to get a mint one without having to pry it from some guys cold dead hands would be amazing. but i doubt it will happen,thats what makes them unique and special was the limited run X_x. but on the other note,those new tritons are in stock. grab them while you can guys!

(G2 Jake) #790

I’ll think about the magical 7075 Tritons.


I’d be down for another 7075 Triton with one of those gorgeous ano jobs.
I LOVE the 7075 Triton I currently have, but would love to have one that looks a little more saucy… :o


I think there’s something regal about the simple color ways of the original 7075 Triton run. I really liked them


my wallet is trying to run away from home already xD


Just looked at the G2 website and was reminded of how badly I want a royal red Triton…

(G2 Jake) #795

I feel ya, wish that wasn’t a custom mixed color do I could easily get the same shade again

(G2 Jake) #796

Have you guys seen we are retiring the Albatross to celebrate our 3rd anniversary?! Check us out on Instagram for more details.

({RTD} alecto) #797

Jake i hate you… your the worst ever…

(G2 Jake) #798

I made the custom boxes for these. Do you love me now?

({RTD} alecto) #799

no i hate you more cause i dont have the money to buy one of these…

(G2 Jake) #800

We redid the frogger, this time with speckle instead of splash. Results are great!

(G2 Jake) #801

Warpath AL7 Albatross. So nice.

(G2 Jake) #802

The retirement party is finally here!
Thanks in advance for those of you picking one up!