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any word on what youve decided to dub that colorway as yet buddy?
ima try and pick one up when you get it on the site,cant wait!

(G2 Jake) #764

Just dropped them lol
Sunrise Drive.


sunrise drive, i like that dude,very vacationy,pretty appropriate for the winter time,i wish i lived in florida sometimes XD,its beautiful dude,i feel ya when you said your indoor lighting didnt do justice to the colorway. i gotta snag one b4 they are all gone.


PRoTo’S!!! ;D ;D ;D cant wait buddy!!! and i h=figured your wife did the hand addresses on all the ene=velopes,she seems like a dedicated woman dude, very cool and nice of her, but again…PROTO’S!!!
ima keep some munnies on stand by man,and whenever those hoodies drop,if they do, lemme know cuz im get one first thing ;D


Hey Jake, I received the letter in the mail from you and I just wanna say, thank you. I love the card and thestickers sare awesome! Your a really cool dude and that’srreal nice of you to go out of your way to mail out these kinds of the gas when you absolutely don’t have to.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a safe new year! Keep doing what you do man, and thanks again!

(G2 Jake) #768

Still a few months away. That’s why I can’t go into detail :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #769

Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the card. Thanks for being a G2 fan. Responses like this are the reason we keep trucking along.

(G2 Jake) #770


Jake, those are some sweet looking Hoodies! Any word on when those might be available?


Thanks again jake for being great to me today. Very nice of you to even throw in a free koozie. Thanks again and have a safe christmas.


Lol I guess I didn’t get a card cause I became a fan today :frowning: Anyways thanks again jake! Real nice of you to get in touch with me!

(G2 Jake) #774

Hoodies won’t be available.

T shirts will be soon but only a few.


Aww man…those hoodies would be sweet. But, shirts with that logo too are bad ass! Please keep us informed when these will drop. I would definitely like to get one. Thanks Jake!


I just got a holiday card thanks jake!

Do you know if there will be another run of Co-labs?

(G2 Jake) #777

You’re welcome!

Sorry co-labs were a 1 run only!


I also got back from vacation to see I got one of the sweet holiday cards as well

much appreciated :smiley:


thank god i got mine XD,but i do need another,so with that in mind i better start hunting till they are all damaged to hell and back

(G2 Jake) #780

Arctic Combat Triton coming soon to YYE.

({RTD} alecto) #781

i need this triton in my life… I have a hulk blood drip if anyone wants to trade! pwease!!!

(Amplified) #782

If you don’t mind me asking, who does your ano? That triton is crazy cool.