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Love the small releases with minimal notice and really cool colorways. Definitely a fun concept that i think adds some neat alternatives to the typical large colorway batch releases we see.


i love it as well, those unicorn fade tritons slipped right pass me X_X but thats what makes it great,those sunset splash’s are beautiful as well, ima get me one of those.Jake’s brain is just overboiling with ideas as of lately,im happy that hes letting it spill off into the beautiful colorways XD


Agree, reminds me of the old CLYW days where there were a bunch of legitimately limited colorways only available at certain retailers. CLYW and YYF have put out some incredible colorways recently but G2 has the widest variety of impressive ones imo. Acid wash and normal splash/speckle are way above par too, but the fades, “blood” series and super unique stuff like Groovy Gobstopper really set G2 apart from everything else as far as ano goes right now imo.

(G2 Jake) #726

Thanks oops. I’ve been working hard to make art, that slows down the quantity but I think you guys are happy with the results.


100% satisfied 8)

(G2 Jake) #728

Check out this weeks G2 Notes


i would love for you to get your weekly update going again,every li bit of info i can get from you is awesome dude,thanks for the update,and the box for the aftershock is awesome,i ave a shoebox i keep all my boxes in but the wooden box stays on the mantle down stairs.great craftsmanship buddy. the venom quakes look fresh man. Great work,and i think those nickle plated babies are gonna get sold out pretty darn fast. Thanks for the update! ;D



(G2 Jake) #731

So good spinning

(G2 Jake) #732

Candy Carnival Tritons turned out amazing!


Oh my goodness.
Love the sponge pattern, Jake!

({RTD} alecto) #734

i want this for quake, so i can finally justify buying one.


when do those go into the store? cuz thats what i want right there they are gorgeous jake. my favorite colors together X_X gotta have it


The Triton is my fave. I really wish I had picked up one of those unicorn fades (if anyone wants to part with theirs hit me up) but that carnival looks dang nice too

(G2 Jake) #737

Thanks guys! I love this color. And the triton, still one of the best yoyos on the market. So comfy. So good.

(G2 Jake) #738

Electric Storm Triton


^^^^^^^^gorgeous, just gorgeous!

({RTD} alecto) #740

amazing i wish everyone made colorways like this.

(G2 Jake) #741

Thanks guys. Doing my best to create the best functional art I can. Attention to detail is what counts in my book :slight_smile: you guys deserve the best toys

(Erik Kerber ) #742

So good