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So it’s finally time for me to procure my first G2 throw.

AL7 Quake
AL7 aftershock

Man that’s a tough choice. I remember playing someones Quake at UK Nats and I loved it. Smaller than I thought it would be but really unique. That being said I normally tend to be a fan of larger, stable throws… but then I always like something a little different… and I adore the feel of 7075…

I’m going to be here a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

(2Sick Joey) #704

Wasn’t a huge fan of the quake but I for some reason really enjoy the AL7 Quake. If you’re into larger throws and stability I’d say go with an Aftershock. The Aftershock is really nice and plays top notch. The AL7 Aftershock I haven’t tried yet but I imagine it being more solid and if you’re into that type of fell I’d say go with that, plus those solid colors look amazing on the AL7 Aftershock.

(G2 Jake) #705

Sounds like an AL7 Aftershock will be your favorite. But reading your post you’re going to be happy with them all. Have you narrowed it down?


The quake by far, 7075 is alil more powerful,but the way the 6061 quake plays is just enlightening on how great something small and light can just kill it.
quake all day out f those,but my aftershock is amazing havent got the chance to get my 7075 aftershock yet… :’( no comment there

(G2 Jake) #707

These are finally finished!


Man, I swear, you guys definitely have some of these, if not, the best colorways out there! Whoever you have do your ano work jake, is badass!! :wink:

(G2 Jake) #709

Thanks! Glad to hear that. There are a lot of good ano jobs out there these days

(G2 Jake) #710

Spinning pics are the best

(Erik Kerber ) #711

:o :o


Oh my goodness


(G2 Jake) #713


(G2 Jake) #714

Unicorn Fade Tritons!
Don’t settle for boring anodizing anymore!


That’s pretty sweet.

(G2 Jake) #716

Thanks Greg

(G2 Jake) #717

Spinning :flushed:


Those look great Jake !!!

Are they going to be available to buy ?

(G2 Jake) #719


And Im sorry to inform you they are sold out.

Just dropped these though!


dude you guys are on a fudgin role buddy. ever thing you keep giving us is just gorgeous, that freedom looking quake to the unicorn fade triton and everything in between is amazing. Great job guy! Keep it up!!


Stop it! Just stop it! I can’t take it anymore. I don’t need to add another throw to my wish list but I am two inches from doing so.

(G2 Jake) #722

I have something else amazing coming next week!