G-Squared Triton First Impressions


Ok so i got my Triton today. I got it in the Freedom colorway, which is an amazing color, and it looks really cool while spinning. So far, i LOVE the Triton. It is so stable, and smooth. I can’t even feel it spinning on the string. It feels really light on the string. I would say it feels like a 63-64 gram throw on the string, even though it is 66.7 grams. It feels really floaty to me. It can go slow, but you can push it pretty fast. It feels great in the hand and it grinds amazing.

Those are my first thoughts about the Triton. So far, I give it a 10/10, but i think i need to wait a while to let the “honeymoon” effect wear off… ;D

(G2 Jake) #2

Thanks for the review! I agree it feels lighter on the string. But not 63-64 light :slight_smile:


I guess it’s just me :wink:

(G2 Jake) #4

Maybe someone else will chime in. I was saying my opinion :slight_smile:


Awesome! One of these days, I’m going to get a Triton, they look so good.


If you make a review, show a pic of it spinning, I feel like it would look awesome…


Here you go!!

Its not my favorite color while spinning, but it still looks pretty sweet.

Edit: the pics didnt post for some reason. I’ll have them up soon.


They didnt post on the actual forum, but here are the links: