FYYL - California States - March 1, 2014

I only have some of the results here. I will post what I have and update it later. I am searching through YYN and the Cal States website.

FYI, Gentry’s place was 10th.

So, I now have the contest results (or what I know) on the original post. I have not yet put the contestant scores because I don’t know the scores the players received. I am going wait a little bit to see if I can find them.

How come only a few people are doing this any more?

No zach or chuck?

I am sooo happy Anthony won. He is one of the most stylish and great players. I’ve watched the sine//saw video like 7 times and I am just as amazed each time.

Anthony is an Outstanding player. In the last few years, he has ‘almost finished 1st’ in a few Contests, that he appeared to have Won. Even when he doesn’t win, people seem to remember his freestyle more than ‘whoever won’ lol

I have seen him come in several places out of first and even the guys finishing ahead of him, seem surprised.

Anthony has ’ no attitude’. When they call out the names, he just smiles and takes whatever they hand him.
He is a first class player and easily one of the most creative players out there. Always a potential dream wrecker for other Yoyo competitors.

Gentry? Sometimes people just have ‘that off day’. Many possible reasons for falling short.

Look at the recent EYYC contest… Janos Karantz

World Yoyo Contest Killa! Opponent Shredding Freestyle! He was seriously firing on all 12 cylinders, that day.

But he Tanked on EYYC Contest day. No doubt surprising some people. Including Yoyo News, that posted up a vid and also noted he would be hard to top. Oops.

Realize another factor, also. Look at the level of play in most Contests, lately. There is no room for errors. These guys will eat you alive. And the guys that sometimes haven’t Won a Contest yet, bring some aggressive Energy to the stage. < They may just Want to win more. And they Focus a little harder.

Janos and Gentry, have already made a mark here and there. Anthony is Relentless. He is not good by accident. The guy has one gear>>>>> Forward. He doesn’t Fade. Jensen, has nothing to prove. We all know he is a potential Beast. He is far from done, winning stuff. He is just having fun, lately. He is back competing, yet prolly has even more fun because he really doesn’t have to ‘win’, now. He can just be Jensen.

All Yoers can’t make it to all contests. And all Yoers may come with different motivations: because they are sponsored… Because they want to win… Because they feel they have to prove something… Because they just like the energy/excitement of competing… Because they want to try and finish ahead of their Hero(lol)… Because they want to gauge how well they are doing against others’ skill levels…Because they just want to put their tons of practice up on stage to show others what hard practice can accomplish, etc.

Anybody that competes, to me, is a Winner.

Sometimes yoyos are Business. But yoyos are fun, all the time. To watch, to share, to collect, to compete, to just shred some energy, to exercise your brain.

It’s all about having fun.


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Bravo! applauds

I just took a looksie at Anthony’s 1A final again. I watched it at the contest but didn’t get much of a view due to people standing in front of me.
I love his style very much! Everything moves so elegantly and effortlessly, even his throws! I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but even his initial throws look very “soft” but work totally well enough to keep his throw spinning throughout his tricks.He’s a very pleasant player to watch.

Okay, so I have the scores all set up from everything except for the player scores (which I have not yet found). I plan on giving it one more day until I post them. If I have not yet found the player scores, I will just skip them.

https://www.facebook.com/yoyofactory/photos/pb.62596221181.-2207520000.1393802032./10152250401816182/?type=3&theater the results are the first photo

Can you give a link to gentry’s vid

Yes, there are now on the website.

I am actually looking for one myself.  :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Now I have the scores, so I will get these posted shortly.

Now that this contest is over, we move on to Mexican Nationals on March 23rd.