Fuzzy String

I am completely sold on 100% nylon string. Not all nylon string I’ve tried has been good, but I’ve found some (https://www.badwolfeco.com) that I like better than 100% polyester or poly/nylon blends. I’ve been using my first string since 04/03/2021, and it’s getting really fuzzy. Sometimes I feel like maybe the fuzziness is causing some unexpected binds. I feel like maybe I could very carefully use some scissors to remove some of the fuzz, but that seems risky. Anyone figure out a way to reduce the fuzziness? Should I wash the strings more often?


Eh, fuzziness is the string’s way of saying that you’re gonna have to retire me before too long. You could try washing it, but the bottom line is the fuzziness is the string breaking down.

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Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you’re liking my string.

I’ve snipped fuzz off a string using thread clips (basically just specialized scissors) but I wouldn’t usually advise it. Like Adam said, it’s probably just a sign the string is getting worn out, and clipping the fuzz off doesn’t do anything to help the strength/integrity of the string.

Personally, I don’t wash strings but I’ve been told that can extend the life a bit. Again, I personally wouldn’t recommend that. The fuzziness is the thread fraying, so washing it doesn’t really do anything to fix it besides shrinking the thread so the string gets a little bit denser, like if you’ve ever shrunk clothes in the wash.

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I’ve had excellent results washing nylon strings. If the binds are getting slippy, I’ll just wash them with hand soap between my palms, rinse, and hang them up to dry. I’ll also take a cotton swab and clean the pads with alcohol. This removes oils from the pads and string.

I’ve also had some success taking a lighter and carefully burning the the little fuzz next to the response area of the string. I’ve only done this with the super long lasting types such as Angel Hair.

Poly, I just change, but still periodically clean the pads. I have the feeling that many people change out pads that only need a cleaning.

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I’ve used a fabric shaver(also called a depiller) to remove fuzz from string that got fuzzy sooner than it should but was otherwise fine.

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That’s interesting. I got some red gasket maker from O’Reilly’s and it has worked well for the response in my Horizon and my Sherpa. It’s ugly, though. I was thinking of getting the black or clear gasket maker and seeing how that works. My horizon pads wore out in about 6 months, but I didn’t remove them until they actually fell apart in the yo-yo.

Yeah, pads and silicone do wear out. However, if it looks okay but isn’t acting right, try cleaning first.

Replace with a new string.

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