Funniest encounters with non-yoyoers

(Ken) #1

Sometimes, a non Yoyoer will approach you with some questions or curiosity of some kind. What’s the funniest/weirdest encounter you’ve ever had with a non yoyoer?

(InvaderDust) #2

Got asked one time by a muggle,

"Dat thing 'lectric, or what?


I don’t recall anyone asking me anything I thought strange or weird. I’m always glad to visit and answer questions of those brave enough to inquire about something unique to them. I like to be approachable and share my love for yoyoing. Actually, it’s kind of weird when you know people have questions but they lack the courage to ask, such a shame.

(Alexander) #4

I always get asked, “how do you keep the strings from all tangling up?” In 1A, this isn’t that much of a problem, I try to tell them, but when you do anything with GTs, there’s a chance of getting into a knot. I try telling them that keeping string untangled in 2A or 3A is a lot harder than it is in 1A. At least it is in my opinion.


I get asked a classic question. They ask me, “can you walk the dog?” I say yes and I show them I can do it lol.

({John15}) #6

Walk the dogs actually pretty difficult with a responsive yo-yo.

(Chris Francz) #7

Over the last several weeks I’ve gotten confident enough to practice in the breakroom at work and not care if someone walks in (I prefer if no one does) but besides being asked to walk the dog, 100% indifference is the usual reaction. But seriously: I just did barrell rolls and now I gotta walk the dog?

({John15}) #8

Isn’t it so weird? Why are people generally so meh about it?

And I’m kind of the same way even still, I can get into a pretty good flow but as soon as someone notices or starts watching me, I’ll ding my yoyo on the floor or start fumbling through tricks. Maybe it’s because I’m expecting them to ask me to walk the dog, lol

(Ken) #9

Lol, on a concrete surface?

(Chris Francz) #10

YES!!! Being watched seems to increase the chances of mess ups for me - but not really, since it is only ME that is throwing and it is only ME that can keep all the strings on the same plane, etc. i guess it’s the nervousness of a mess up… Back to what you said - I think yoyoing is mainly only interesting to people that yoyo. I throw for ME and the reward of learning a new skill…


On a hardwood floor lol.