Funky Noises

I have had my Speeder for about 3 weeks, and recently it has been making some weird grinding noises.

If you know what to do please reply. And if you have any advise about removing the axle/bearing, please help me :frowning:

Remove the shields from the bearing.

I’ve asked a few pros and they take the shields off once that happens.

Is it a high pitch grinding noise? If it is, you are rubbing against the starburst side. Straighten your throw a little bit more. If it is a popping almost fast rolling ball sound, it is the bearing breaking in. You can place thin lube to quite it a little.

Thin lube should quiet it down a bit, but make sure you spread it all around the bearings before using your Speeder. If the string is rubbing the sides a bit, straighten your throw, and adjust the gap a bit. Sometimes when the gap is too close the string rubs on the side. This also tends to happen when you have the loop of the string wrapped two times or more around the axle.

Also, describe the noise. It might help us give you more advice.

the grinding noise is sort of a mix of the ball bearings, and some high(and i mean really high) screeching noise

and i figured out how to get bearing and axle out, but if u have any advise i would be greatly appreciative :slight_smile:

Try cleaning the bearing. ;D

Maybe it’s your bearing breaking in?

I just cleaned the bearing 2 days ago, it helped it spin longer, but didnt get rid of that grinding noise

And i have had my Speeder for about 3-4 weeks, and am using it every day, would the bearing really start braking in now?

It is a possibility, but unlikely. Like iRon said, it may be braking it. Have you tried applying some thin lube to it??