Had a great transaction with scott recently. Thank you… look forward to purchasing more items soon. Excellant quality ,shipped fast and packed well.

Bought a TMBR Sullivan from @fullnelson -
Shipped same day
Packaged double boxed with plenty of bubble wrap
Fair price
Good upfront communication and follow up
Item was perfect, as described

Also my current go-to throw, love this TMBR now that I watched @edhaponik video on how to make sure it stays together and buying more TMBR for sure.


I traded for fullnelson’s 2019 2wei. The yoyo was exactly as he described it, and it arrived quickly and safely. He kept me updated throughout the whole process; I would not hesitate to trade with him again.

on the selling end of a purchase, fast to pay, and overall wicked nice cat… don’t think i need to tell you all that though!

trade with @fullnelson was A#1… everything was perfect. thanks my man!

+1 for @fullnelson.
I sold some Difeyo KK bearings to him.
Had a great interaction, communication was fast and good. Really enjoyed our conversations.

Offers were very fair and payment was quick.

Just the whole interaction from start to finish was a joy to have.

Will def trade, sell, or buy with @fullnelson again.


Another +1 for @fullnelson. Scott’s a great guy and easy to deal with. Highly recommend.

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I traded with @fullnelson a few months ago. Everything went very smooth and friendly. I would definitely do business with him again

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Thank you @fullnelson for the Chronos!!! It came quickly and exactly as described!!!