FT YYF velocity


Hello everyone I’m looking to sell my YYF velocity. It’s a fun throw but my case is small and I need some room. It has been used a lot but has no damage. It is the old transparent red one, it will come with the box and a piece of string.
I’m looking for 25-50 cotton or 50/50 string, im getting into fixed axle play and would be really happy to trade. I will also trade it for a onestar, whip, yyj classic, and a lot of other things, please pm me if you have an offer. have a nice day.


Sorry if the pictures aren’t top quality, they were taken with my phone


i will be happy with most offers i get, if i get any


I would also love to trade it for a yyj classic, lyn fury, yyf whip, or a one. Anybody?


update: I am now mainly looking for string, I will trade it for 25 cotton string, cmon people that’s a great deal


UPDATED: someone, anyone?


5 bucks worth of string for a $15 dollar throw, not to bad of a trade

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