FT: YYF OD & Iyoyo

OD Terrarian: quite a bit of damage, I’ll include a set of raw ultra lights along with the original spikes. Still smooth.



OD Rebirth: good besides the scuff in the picture


OD Dang2: also good condition pin prick in the pic (hey that rhymes)


Iyoyo HiDra: a couple dings, no box, original pixelbearing

YYT Canon : light rim damage, no box, comes with the delrin counterweight

I am open to selling but would prefer to trade. All have good pads and play great.

I will be taking these down if no one makes an offer within the next 24 hours

Bump and more stuff added

bumpity bump

Eyes for days? Eyes for days.

bippity bumps a lot

Bumpskies, Last day Im gonna leave this up guys and gals or they go back into my collection.