FT: Ti-Peak, LF Tundra

I’m looking for a Luftverk x CLYW Tundra or even Fools Gold Tundra. Not too fussed on colours.

For trade, I have a Ti-Peak that comes with all the original packaging and extras. It’s in excellent condition, it has a couple of marks on it from handling but nothing that can be felt. It also has a ring shaped mark on the non logo half that cannot be felt but can be seen, I’ve tried to take a picture of it as best as I can. The box has a crease on the lid.

It truly is a fantastic throw and it pains me to put it up for trade but I would love to try and get a Tundra. If you would like more pictures or info then let me know.

Thanks for looking!


You hijacking my posts bro?


No didn’t mean to bro, just on the same quest as you.

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I was teasing my man. Had to comment. Stay safe

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I hope we both get one man!

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I had both the Tundra and the 000 at one point

The tundra is an excellent throw, it excels at mostly everything and has a wonderful feel in hand.

I had two 000s, the first I sold relatively quickly, the second I purchased due to the short-lived relationship I had with my first. The 000 is aesthetically very pleasing and chonky. The edges are sharp and it hurts A LOT if it ever bites you, ergo it doesn’t feel that great in hand due to the edges being as sharp as they are. (something you wouldn’t expect an organic to have nonetheless)

With that said, I would recommend the Tundra over the 000 any day of the week…moral of the story is…the 000 isn’t worth it IMO


Thanks for your input! I’ve heard of people saying that the edges were surprisingly edgy! It does look stunning though. Have you tried the Ti Bowl?

I think I would much rather the Tundra over the 000, the shape reminds me of the Chief. So hard to come by though.

@Yoyo_Garden interesting ‘points’ to consider re: 000

no hijacking intended, looking out for all y’all cats

besides @Lukoyo, being a fan of the luchador, you should be all over that :wink:


I was going to mention that my callused hands are probably used to sharp edges due to that little fighter!


Having spoken to a few of you and read your opinions on the 000, I’ll just be trying to find a Tundra.

Not that I don’t want a 000 someday though!

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To the top, for a Tundra

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The elusive Tundra still eluded me.

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Tundra time?

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Tundra great throw if i ever part will let you know


Thanks! I’ll still be here looking for one when you do!

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There must be a unwanted Tundra out there?

The worthy hunt continues!

Tundra is troubling to find.

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