Archive please

Ill just try buy Fools Gold.

Good luck man. I’m just hoping to get a tundra.

Thanks! I know its a waaaay long shot, but it never hurts to ask. I felt dirty even posting my collection here, but honestly, at least for me, the Tundra is worth it.

I’m waiting on those FG tundras. Maybe that would be the best route to get a second one.

If your Rainbow Trout ever gets Lost in Space I’d love to find them.

I agree on the FG tundra idea.

You might also want to check out some of Luftverk’s other works as well. If you love the Tundra that much I think you’d really like some of their other stuff as well :slight_smile:

The only thing that doesnt make me want to explore FG options, is that (as far as I know) only the colored (pink and green) were the ones that got hit, and i just really love the feel of the AMS Harcoat and its non-smudgey nature. It may not be the prettiest, and usually thats a big draw for me, and now I love the color of it and wondered why I didnt at first!

I dunno, mostly just seeing if I can draw one out of the wood works without breaking the bank, and having both parties smiling at the end of it. But i know that anyone who has one, will likely keep it forever. haha :slight_smile: no worries! I may end up buying a FG when available. Well see! I dont expect anything to come of this thread.

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