FT/S: YYR, OD, Gsquared, Duncan, YYF, C3, YYJ! Wants Inside

(2Sick Joey) #1

Okay guys I got a few things for sale mainly but options for trading as well. All are awesome yoyos and play perfectly. I just really need to downsize and money is nice haha! I will also give discounts on mutliples.

Here’s a picture:

E=mc^2: Mint with box- $105 shipped
Code2: 1 sanded ding pictured- $65 shipped PENDING
SuperG: like 3 sanded dings that are really hard to find because they blend with the ano. 1 is pictured on the right half and that’s the worst one. This is easily my favorite YYF and plays killer- $45 shipped


OD Dang: Nickel plated and smooth like butter. One small ding that was sanded and a few pricks. The mark pictured is less noticeable than the picture makes it. $65 shipped
G2 Albatross: Mint and smooth as can be. I just got this and not sure if I want to trade it. I’m just testing the “Cool Waters”…See what I did there! $85 shipped

Plastic bundle: Flipside, Classic, FHZ, New Velocity, and Alpha Crash. I will sell individual or add to metals for cheap ut prefer to keep them as a bundle. $60 shipped

I will ship to US and Canada Only (although add $5 to each price for shipping to Canada)!

SLCK-YWET (nickel plated)
Wrath (depends on color)
Trigger (deal sweetener)
Rally Proto
Onestar (deal sweetener)

(system) #7