FT/S: RecRev i

I Love this yoyo, but i am in dire need of a superstar right now. So, I’ll trade the i+a red siliconed FHZ for a superstar (any condition or edition). BTW, I don’t have anyfeedback here, but I have 57 positive FB on another forum, pm me if you want to see.

So, I have this blue/black i that i am thinking about trading, it has 1 small ding (i guess you could call it 2, there right by each other). It plays smooth, and i will ship it with a KK. I believe this is pretty rare. As far as money goes, offer.

Wants:Condition doesn’t really matter, B-Grades are fine.I can add a red sili’d FHZ.

YYR (these can be beat to -------)
offer. I am mainly looking for full sized metals.