FT/S: Mint YYJ Diamondback: Wants Inside: Only $85 shipped

Hey Guys/Gals!

Today I am putting up my mint Diamondback for sale or trade. Prefer to ship only in the US but will to Canada as well. No international though.

The Diamondback is mint and plays amazing. Definitely hands down the best yoyo YYJ has made to date imo. I have another so that’s why this is going up. I also have the box if interested in that.

Wants: Condition doesn’t matter much as being smooth does
$85 shipped
IronyJP 2k13
TenYoYo Bebop (if you have one of these let me know, I got other offers too)
C3 Krown
YYR Sleipnir
Anglam C.C or any Anglam
C3 P.Wave
TP Isotope or any Fullsizse TP
Sturm Pranzer Stealth Ogre, Leo Sniper or Elam Steampunk
Galaxy Proton
Ti Walker (I would add of course)