FT/S: Mint with package Hspin Yellow CUT

Hello fellow yoyoers,

I have for trade or sale today a mint with package Hspin yellow CUT. I barely have played it and its minty mint and just sits in my case rotting away. Im interested in basically anything, but really on looking for raw throws. The CUT is number 121 and has the awesomest shade of yellow ever. It will also come wit han extra axle and a few strings. Im open to most offers as long as there not complete lowballs.

Offers can be yoyos that were stripped, but prefer polished. If you have an offer of a yoyo and you can strip and polish the yoyo completely, i will take those offers. I also like 52+ Diameters and wide yoyos. id also accept any yoyos that are plain beadblasted(id love you)

Wants: Raw/beadblasted only but may make exceptions
YYF- especially genesis or superstar
SPYY-punchline or older models
CLYW- any
YYJ- meteor or anything else maybe
BBYY- bully or JO only
WERRD- any
1DROP(maybe)_markmont or yfactor only
Difeyo(maybe)- maybe if you offer multiple

Dont Want:

i will trade my superstar. it is teal blue acid wash and has a centertrac. it is mint except for 3 or 4 teeny tiny scratches around the wall but it is un noticible when spinning and the string covers it. it is really nothing major. plays great. i have been wanting a cut for a while!