MIB Hspin CUT-$70 or trade
:.:.:.:.:.:.:Everything is totaly negotiable, just PM me,:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
:.:.:.:.:.:.:or send me an email at andrewh.eagle@gmail.com:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.

------comes with extra axle------
This CUT is SO amazingly mint! Its Yellow, but it seems more like a gold color.
It looks really incredible; and it plays totally SMOOTH too. You would agree with me if you could see it in person. Its completely seemless.


  • Money

  • Dollars

  • $$$

  • I’ll take yoyo offers too

  • Gorilla (completely mint!)

  • Hattrick (completely mint!)

  • Severe

  • CLYW

  • SPYY

  • any reasonable yoyo. I LOVE trying new things

Now for the pictures:
(I took a lot of pictures, and I don’t want to put all of the here; so I will post some of them here and give a link to the rest of them.

nice package, eh?
If you look really close in this picture you can see the extra axle.(The axles are between the string and bearing)