FT/S CODE 2 ($80) with extra Side effects!!! LF only cash, canvas, cascade,X^3

I have below a blue code 2. It is very near mint, I found a pinprick but my camera cant capture it. It will come with a matching pair of ultralights and the original spikes. No ten ball though as I didnt get it with one. Need the money, would only trade for clyw or a cascade. Has box and foam.Great yoyo and very smooth, awesome grinds and the ultralights look sick!


X^3 (aware)


Avalanche maybe?
Other stuff will be considered, try not to lowball.

As for a price idk 87 plus shipping with the extra se’s? Just offer we can work something out.

Without the extra se’s itll be 80 plus shipping

BUMP, will add cash for a cascade.

up, mothing goes through ano, comparable to something that couldve happened at the factory. 90 shipped including ultralights!!!

Bump! You can always purchse without the ultralights for cheaper.

bump, prices are firm