FT: OD Dang & Katz Meow


I have a couple of throws here that I’m willing to part with.

One Drop Dang (Blue/Green with stock side effects):
I’ve used the Dang a lot and even learned a lot of tricks with it but it’s still in good shape. I can’t promise that it’s in mint condition, it probably has a few very, very small marks that I personally can’t find and it plays just like it did when I got it in NM condition. Definitely don’t want lowballed for this thing.

Foxland Precision Katz Meow:
Got this is a trade a while back and have never really used it. It’s black, has polished rims and vibes. However, from when I have used it I can say it’s playable and definitely not bad if you’re looking for a decent pocket sized throw. I’d rather get a more inexpensive yoyo for this one than a beat yoyo but offer up.

Here’s a small general list of what I’m looking for

3YO3 Omnicron X
3YO3 Delrins
Modded FHZ’s (as always)

I would seriously consider trading the Katz Meow for a large amound of good string, because I’m almost out and more broke than a joke, mang

Just offer me stuff but don’t get offended if I say no!


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