FT: Mint Tres Leches LF: YYJ, Delrins, + More!

Mint. Great yoyo, just that I don’t find myself using it a whole lot. Nice full-sized delrin. Great for 3A. All TLs have a oh-so-slight vibe. Comes with original box. Too lazy to post up pictures. Just look at it on YYE.

Wants: (In order of importance)
Atmosphere + X Convict (Both should be in good condition)
Heavy Cream (Either Taro or Dexter)
Delrins (NO 3yo3 or Creams)
Genesis (Could maybe add some for a Throwback or Jon Rob Edition)

Yoyos preferred to be in good conditon (this means one or two marks). If yoyos are beat, throw in another or some cash. Simple as that. Really only looking for trades. Thanks for looking.