FT: M1, 2 Sunsets (updates)

I’ll be trading 2 sunset trajectories.

I’m mainly looking for: Offstring other than Big-Yo, Mighty Flea 2010, 5 Star, Hatrick, a really beat up metal (for fun to polish), and anything else.

Not looking for: Skyline, Genesis, Yuukasta, GM2, G5. Sorry, but those shapes are all wrong to me. I can’t handle the genesis shape. I’ll consider any H-Shape as long as it’s floaty. Like Bassalope/Addiction… a little hang in the air and then drop.

Yellow One is 100% Brand New Looking.
Red one has 3 of these weird marks on the rim, one on the cap, does not affect play at all… only looks.

If you can’t see it, it’s a little white streak. Dunno why.

Old Yoyojam boxes will be included, the paper and clear plastic one. The old ones. If you want.

I have one completely mint M1. Got it, threw it a few times to make sure it was good, and then… put it back. Original Silicone. Gold/Green. Pics upon request. DANGITDANGIT…
Me: Opens Case, Removes Pads
Brother:comes in, pics up case
M1 falls out
It’s 3 really really really small dings on the rims, doesn’t go through ano, still no vibe, you can barely see it. Unable to be captured on camera.

I’ve been itching to learn 2a. I got a beat legacy (color:black) that plays responsive, and has only a slight vibe.


Someone has to have a yoyo… that I want.


Green siliconed Blazer?