2 SUNSETS! Near Mint!


One red, one neon yellow. There’s a couple of white dashes on them, not very big, just thin, little white marks that I have no idea how they got there. Mostly on the red one, I cannot capture it on the camera. The red one has 3 white marks on one half, and just 1 tiny black mark on the other. It’s around one millimeter wide, and at most 3 millimeter long. I don’t know how they got there, they came like that, and I just didn’t care. Otherwise, play is normal. Reason I’m trading them is because I’ve never did too much 2a, I got them, threw a couple times, got bored, and just left them in the boxes. Original cases can be delivered, although it’s the old paper and plastic ones, and a little bit discolored.

Pictures will be posted upon request, although I really cannot capture much other than 2 sunsets.

Hoping/Looking for:
Offstring Yoyo (No Big Yo)
Dingo (for the 2)
3yo3 Clear Yoyos
Mighty Flea (First or 2nd edition)
Other offers

Not really looking for:
Yoyos made for anything other than 1a/4a
YYJ Bi-Metals (Unless 1:1 trade)

Of course, crazy good offers can overcome any restrictions! :wink:

Love it if you’d post in the thread instead of message, that way I can glance through em quick. Can add money if needed.

If you’re reading this, just make an offer! :stuck_out_tongue:

FAVORITE, INSTANT Trades is something like this:
Mighty Flea
3yo3 Acrylic (Will add $20)

Insanely Favorable Trades:


A hand painted Hayabusa?


A Speed Racer edition hayabusa or Henrys cobra


Please indicate whether it’s for both or 1.


just 1, but Ill add a flying squirrel if you get one of then


I’m offering 2 deals:

  1. Hayabusa + Flying Squirrel
    2.Cobra (red)+ Flying Squirrel

The Flying Squirrel is transparent btw. :wink:


Hmm… tempting… but I really have no use for a squirrel… :’(

Any others?


A hand painted Hayabusa and a Metal Drifter or 2010 Freehand 2 for both of the sunsets?


A Lyn Fury, blue and black, no caps, some dings but it doesn’t affect play.


For 1 or both?

@Lazy: I’m gonna wait for a while… and then see if anything else comes in… if not, I’ll msg. you.



BTW, really hoping for hayabusa+XX


Hayabusa + Kickside for both?

(system) #14