FT: Lots 'o' stuff

Alright, I got:
(prices may be a bit high, this is because I’d rather trade, feel free to offer anything)

  1. 2010 SEVERE. Mint. Signed by Tyler. $90

  2. Y-factor. Dinged a bit. Plays perfectly smooth. $60

  3. Wyyc yoyo. perfect condition. $50

  4. B-grade 888x. super smooth, i don’t know why this one is b-grade. Red and blue. Siliconed, came that way. Offer

  5. Brown M1. Loved very hard. Still smooth. $35

6.Vs Newton Battosai. Best throw ever. You no can has. Just wanted to brag. Eleventy thousand dollars/

Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53518356@N03/?saved=1

Wants List:

Punchline (Green and blue, or pre-pro)
CLYW (Especially Gnarwal)
Vs Newton

Anything Cool

i hav a raw skyling wanna trade??

2 sunsets? For anything…

Can you put prices on them?

Sure, but they’ll be a bit high, because I’d rather trade

dude, I love your profile pic ;D

Lol, thanks bro

very interested in the 888x lmk if still avalible