FT:Hatrick/skyline,looking for BB Superstar/severe/genesis/Protostar(s)

Sup people.

I have a teal/grey production run Hatrick,with box,pouch,and dogtag. Several marks. Plays perfect,a ‘General-Yo!’ perfect…Grinds are the best thing since Freddy Cougar. I’m interested in a beadblasted Superstar for this. Non-BB is okay,but BB is preferred.

I have a gold b-grade skyline…has minor damage it the body,plays fine,it has a consistent vibe to it. I can provide a set of stacks with it,but i don’t have any bearings to give with them…
I’m looking for a blue or edge glow protostar…Let me know.

I’m well known on YYN,look me up there if you like…

I can’t ship out of the States guys,sorry!


Hatrick is gone.

Hatrick is back up. :wink:

SUPERSTAR IS HERE. srry about not being BBed but, i can’t bead blast in my bedroom :’(

here are all my photos of the superstar
all angles provided!

I can’t ship out of states bro,sorry!

Everything is still up.
Gosh,i’ve been throwing my Skyline more and more lately,and i’m thinking about keeping it,haha!
Someone offer a blue protostar,QUICK! haha

I can put like 10$ into the box with the superstar for you…?
Please! I will add some mirage string
Oh yah check out