Looking for Genesis and a few others


I’m looking for a Genesis. I have had a few in my grasp but never one to call my own.

I have cash, paypal, and a few random throws.

Looking for:
Genesis (I really don’t care what kind)

Skyline (same as above, although a Starry Night one would be superb)


Grind Machine 2


WHAT I HAVE (prepare for mediocrity.)

A good couple of protostars. A red translucent and an edgelow one.

Envy 64 (no pads) few tiny marks but nothing serious.

Northstar (blue and badass)

3 double take industries beasts

Lyn fury (old, greenish blue, and steady)

And a few other odds and ends but I’d have to really look. I’ve been away from the game for a couple years.

So hit me up even if you don’t want anything but money.

(p.s. on yyn I have 33 trades)