Thinning my collection a bit SALE/TRADE

(Bradley Moss) #1

Bully Beadblasted 2nd run Prototype (2 small pinprick ding, no vibe)

Wedgie 1st run Prototype (mint, no vibe)

Mint (some small nicks here and there, no vibe)

Zen (1 of 3 raw, 3-4 dings that could be satined out no problem, very very very slight vibe, hardly noticeable)

Sold 080808 888 (2-3 scrapes that only go through ano, no vibe) Sold

Legacy Pink w/ Black FHZ Caps (small vibe)

YYN Enyo FHZ. Sili recessed by Icthus (brand new, only played like 2 times)


-2nd Gen 16 gig (or bigger) Ipod Touch (preferably no scratches on the screen, anywhere else is fine)
-Oakley Polarized Gascans ( I have not decided between the Matte or the Polished Black, bit I know I want 1 of the 2) (YOU MUST BUY THESE FROM THE SITE AND HAVE THEM SENT STRAIGHT TO ME!)

-Madhouse Unknown
-Madhouse Lucky 7
-SPYY Flying V
-Duncan Meyhem
-TRANSITIONAL or BIONIC FH1 (must be transitional or bionic and MUST come with actual fh1 caps that are not worn)
-Yoga Flame or Blue Genisis
-Just offer me stuff… i’ll just let you know if i don’t want it… lol


PM me for offers


i woulda gotten that wedgie if i hadnt just gotten a skyy chacer :wink:


how much for genesis


he doesnt have a genesis he wants a genesis

(system) #9