Thinning my collection a bit SALE/TRADE

Bully Beadblasted 2nd run Prototype (2 small pinprick ding, no vibe)

Wedgie 1st run Prototype (mint, no vibe)

Mint (some small nicks here and there, no vibe)

Zen (1 of 3 raw, 3-4 dings that could be satined out no problem, very very very slight vibe, hardly noticeable)

Sold 080808 888 (2-3 scrapes that only go through ano, no vibe) Sold

Legacy Pink w/ Black FHZ Caps (small vibe)

YYN Enyo FHZ. Sili recessed by Icthus (brand new, only played like 2 times)


-2nd Gen 16 gig (or bigger) Ipod Touch (preferably no scratches on the screen, anywhere else is fine)
-Oakley Polarized Gascans ( I have not decided between the Matte or the Polished Black, bit I know I want 1 of the 2) (YOU MUST BUY THESE FROM THE SITE AND HAVE THEM SENT STRAIGHT TO ME!)

-Madhouse Unknown
-Madhouse Lucky 7
-SPYY Flying V
-Duncan Meyhem
-TRANSITIONAL or BIONIC FH1 (must be transitional or bionic and MUST come with actual fh1 caps that are not worn)
-Yoga Flame or Blue Genisis
-Just offer me stuff… i’ll just let you know if i don’t want it… lol


PM me for offers

i woulda gotten that wedgie if i hadnt just gotten a skyy chacer :wink:

how much for genesis

he doesnt have a genesis he wants a genesis