Everything has to go!PLEASE All prices negotiable

(UmeNagisa) #1

Hey guys, I’m going through serious financial troubles. Please I need help, and I need this stuff sold asap.
5$ for shipping and US only, Sale only no trades please.
I’ll do package deals sure too.

Royale- B grade some marks slight vibe 50$
Powder coated Genesis dead smooth 40$

M10 b grade, modded sleipnir with powder coat, modded Fragment is Gone. $50 each

Some Chinese yoyo, YYA SOLD, C11, 3 lunar winds. 40 each

Core and tempest, beaters 30$ each

Vitality, smooth and I have a bunch of SEs for it too. 70$ SOLD

Powder coated Chief, dead smooth 80$

Some plastics, offer what you’d lie or I can give em as deal sweeteners.
Thanks guys.


interested in the genesis

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