HS Genesis Ft for severe 2010 uncapped version only

Im getting rid of half my case because i never use these.

HS throwback genesis the throwback one Black with green hubs plays great but already have one
Bully- Beat like a drum $35

P2- Has a few marks $55

Will get pics later

Only trade is a 2010 severe uncapped version only no vibe

i’ll buy the boss what color,cool with shipping first?

The boss is green marble

pms please ;D

Really? PM him!

Technically you have no addiction RAWR ITZ MINE!!! You want the box for the genesis?
And just saying, when your teacher tells you you could write anything you want as long as you’re writing, do not write “I’m trading for addiction” She will think you’re doing drugs.

Oops forgot and yes the box would be nice

its been over a week, so what about some pics?

I can get pics on my cell but my dad sold my camera >:(

Don’t worry, he’s legit, I’ve received my addiction from him. BTW, shipping Genesis today.

Wait. Was there a boss? How much did it sell for? I want a boss!

Boss is gone