Hi guys, I really need some money right now so as soon as my goal is reached I will be pulling this down.  As some of you may know, I am on search for a production run 1/20 USA Hatrick.  I finally have a deal aligned but I am a few dollars short and I notified the seller I’d do my best to raise some money.  Here is the link for the pictures:

First is a near MIB yellow protostar.  It has the shown scuffs but plays great.  I am asking $30 shipped.

Second is a b grade red/blue hatrick.  It has the shown marks and it does not effect play.  There is also a smidge on the red side I guess you can call it a scuff, but you won’t see it unless you know it is there and you’re looking for it.  Asking price:  $75 shipped

I really don’t want to sell the hatrick because I just got it and it is AMAZING.  So, this being said, please don’t lowball.  PM me all offers, thanks!

You need pictures.

Bump for the sake of bumping.

Just updated.

C’mon guys help me out!