Cheap Hatrick!


Alright. So I got a VERY near mint Hatrick for sale. The reason it is near mint is because it has a few gray lines on the anno which don’t go through (so faint the camera can’t pick it up) and a tiny tiny mark which also doesn’t go trough. It’s half 09 Nats and half Trifeca. My asking price is only $70. Also, I will send with it a OneDrop 10 ball bearing and 20 brand new YYN Highlights. If you ask me, sounds like a sweet deal. ;D I really really really want to sell this in my attempts to get a Skywalker. :angel: Payments via paypal please. I would also trade this for a MINT Skywalker. Only mint please.


PM me!

Can barely see the gray lines (camera can’t pick it up)









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This only up for trade?






I totally want that. Is it $70 + ship? I don’t have cash right now, but I should by early next year…


Sent a PM.

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