1 of 2 All grey Hatrick FT


I have 1 of only 2or3 existing ALL GREY a.grade Hatricks…if you are interested in trading and willing to make a serious offer, pm me, i have pictures which i will give you immediately upon request. I will consider ALL offers, but if you want it bad i will trade it straight up for a mint/close to mint C13 or a Campfire and another good metal…im generally looking to get 2 metals for this maybe?..or just straight up for a Werrd Rozzor, ILYY Falcon or an ILYY Noctu.

it has 2 or 3 smalllll scuffs
pm me with offers or for pics,
remember, i will consider ALL serious offers because the Hatrick just isn’t my style.
lets wheel and deal :wink:

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how much do u want for it


im lookin to trade, not selll.
i would trade it straight up for either a Candy Noctu or a HSpin Cut, but i like other interesting offers too.
i have 2 people working deals for it right now, but the BEST offer gets it.

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Project 1 Grey Matter fade? (1 of 20)


THanks but no. Im looking to get 2 metals for it or else a Noctu or Cut. if you have 2 metals you think i would be interested in, then feel free to make some offers! :wink:


no longer interested in Cut…
new interests :
Noctu, Rozzor, Falcon, Tactic


genesis and 50$ i have paypal

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