FT: Handmade Wooden Yoyo, 2010 Worlds yoyo: **BOTH for a BEATER**

Hello! I got a few things I’m lookin to trade: Or sell for $25 shipped

Handmade wooden Yoyo:
I made this thing a while back in shop class on our wood lathe. Its black walmut I beleive. It reminds me of a superwide/monster. Pretty smooth, but is still more of a novelty. I dont know how well I sanded the axle area, so it might eat string.

Worlds Commemorative yoyo: Pretty much mint, but I did find one litte nick. I dont think its the orignial bearing, but it is a good bearing. Can be a little slippy on binds.

Energy by Barco: I believe that this is the only chrome one made. Pretty cool lookin! It doesnt play the greatest and you can see some machining errors (like little bumps). Its cool tho :slight_smile: It takes dif pads I beleive, but I have PGM sized pads in now. GONE


Tryin to clear out the collection, so I would really like to trade both for one throw
Hitman Pro****
White, Black, or Clear Hubstacks****** (I dont need bearings, just the plastic)
YYF metals
Offer anything please!!

Thanks for lookin!

That’s a pretty cool yoyo you made :wink:

Thanks man!


nice yoyo u should mention the sleep time and lower the price to 15$ :wink: