FT/FS: Viszilla 110 shipped!!!!!!, Cash LF: YYR, Vs. Newton, Clyw.

Hi Guys, I have a great throw up for trade today, looking for some YYR or Vs. Newton (keep in mind I also have cash), My Anti-Yo Viszilla!

This is an incredibly smooth throw, on a good throw, I cant even feel any vibe with my fingernail. Only damage is one tiny ding, pics upon request, fml! This throw is Near Mint Comes with the Original Pouch and CD and a YYE sticker.

Im looking for Vs. Newton throws, other than the Battosai, or an undersized to full sized YYR throw, here are the ones I want in order of wantiness:

If The price is right, I WILL Buy these!

-Stardust V2
-Any others

Vs. Newton
-Others (other than Battosai)

CLYW (only in nice colorways)
-Glacier Express
-Arctic Circle

Offer any and all of these in any condition but Id prefer smooth ones, with the original box (this is not mandatory). Damage is fine, but value will be affected. You may have to add cash for the Viszilla, Or I may have to add cash for your throw.

I will ask for close up pictures so dont try to sell me bootlegs (however, if you have a bootleg, i may buy it for cheap.)

Thanks and offer up!