Hulk Smash Peak:
Hey guys. I have this beautiful MINT IN BOX Hulk Smash Peak. This yoyo is stunning. It plays really really well, and I love it. However, I find myself playing my 5 Star more, and I allready have another Peak. So, I’m putting this one up for trade. It has a small peakish vibe, but is really smooth. Anyway, It’s a great yoyo, and I doubt anyone would be dissapointed in it.
Sold, for $90

Turning Point X Born Crucial yoyo:
Paul Yath, and Kentaro worked on this yoyo and came up with this. Two world champions, working together to make this awesome yoyo.This yoyo was sold to me by Paul Yath himself, TODAY. I’m selling this ONLY cause I need money to buy a Torrent that is on hold for me… I am really sad to get rid of this… He said not even his team members have it yet. This yoyo is extreamly rare. I belive Paul said he is planning to only make 55. And some of them are going to China. And is overall one heck of a yoyo. This is by far my favoirte derlin yoyo out there… This yoyos finish is really nice and smooth. I love the bearing, and the spin times are phenomonal! This yoyo is MINT! It has a small vibe like all plastics, but can probably be tuned. This thing is a true collectors item, and players item. I’m assuming I’ll get a lot of money offers on this yoyo… If you offer money on this yoyo, I want you to know, I won’t let this thing go for cheap, cause it is rare, not out yet, and one heck of a yoyo. $95 $89 NO HAGGLE PRICE!!! FOR SALE ONLY!!!
More info and pics on this yoyo here: www.yoyoskills.com/?p=6682


Electric Daisy:
I also have a 99.99% MINT Electric Daisy… It has a super super small scratch on the side of the rim that is extreamly unnoticeable. It dosn’t go through the ano and is so small it could pass as mint. You really have to search for it to find it. It is VIBELESS, and a great player. *It has a blue and black acid wash ano job. It looks really really sick. This is my little brother’s yoyo and is for trade only!

Oxy 4:
I also have a Oxy 4. It plays like a champ… Oxy smooth. It has some light scuffs, but nothing deep or bad… The O rings that are used to make the gap agustable were lost, so I just used the O rings from my YYF hubstack kit instead and it works great! I’d sell it for
$90 $79 NO HAGGLE PRICE!!!



v1 5 Star
…Eh, offer anything reasonable.

-James Reed

Bump it. Had an offer for a MIB White Night Battosai… But I’m really looking for a v1 5 Star, but I may take this offer, so you better hurry and offer if you want this yoyo!

i dont recommend selling that Delrin. Seeing how rare it is and all.

i have a hatrick its a blue and silver one. i have others offers too pm me.

Well, I really need money to buy a Torrent from a friend of mine that is keeping it on hold… And the Torrent is that one yoyo, that I’ve been trying to hunt down all my life… So that’s why. Otherwize, I wouldn’t be selling this yoyo at all.

Sorry, I just sold my Peak for $90. Thanks anyways.

-James Reed

Not to bust a bubble or anything, but…


Woah… That’s weird… Paul told me not even his team mates have them yet… Well, I guess he lied. XD But ya, he said there’s not gonna be that many of them so it’s still rare. And that’s a Japanese or Chinese yoyo store, I bet shippings a fortune… And by the way, you might wanna take down the link cause it’s against the YYE rules to post a link to another store.

-James Reed

Icthus stated it’s okay as long as they don’t sell it :slight_smile: