FT/FS: Amplifier, Markmont Classic, format:C


Looking to trade these yoyos. I’m in Canada, so non-tracked shipping is about $10 for a small box or padded envelope containing up to 2 yoyos.

I will consider selling, but mostly looking to trade. Ideally, I am looking to move 2 of my yoyos for one of yours. But if you have a relatively low-ticket item, I could do 1:1. Definitely not looking to get two of your yoyos for one of mine. :slight_smile:

  • format:C orange dual sight-line: in excellent condition, but no box
  • Markmont Classic with both side-effects: good condition; one significant ding and a few other tiny marks
  • Amplifier: fair condition; some definite scuffing around the rims and some light vibe, but still gets the job done and is a killer yoyo.

I don’t have an updated photo yet, but the Morpheus, Genesises and the Yelets are gone.

Cash money prices including shipping within US and Canada in case anyone wants to go that way:

format:C $70
Amplifier: $50
MC: $70
Morpheus: $40

Only charging shipping once if you want to combine, so subtract $10 accordingly for each additional yoyo. :wink:

Looking-fors… ahhh… I dunno. Hard one. Come at me with something. :wink: Here are a few, but I’m not limited to just these: Cascade, Ayame only, Canvas Jr., Nightmare, Krown.st, Berserker SS

If you have a Octavia or Citizen (har har!) I have the above listed yoyos and a few others… or some of these and some cash for you. I do not have all cash for a Ti right now.

Again: Morpheus, Genesises, and Yelets are gone


Ze bomp. Morpheus is gone.

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