FT/FS: Albatross, Milk, Mayhem, Icon- Nice throws!

-This is my first BST on YYE, I have traded before and have some positive feedback on YYN-

8/13/12- Everything is pending except for the Icon, check it out at the bottom of the post!

Hey everyone,

I have some throws that I really don’t use much anymore, or am basically just willing to get rid of. I need some money for the recording studio I’m building, and would also like to trade some throws to have some new ones in my collection for a change.

Albatross, Mayhem, Icon, Milk

1. G-Squared Albatross PENDING/ABOUT TO BE GONE

This is the 2nd run Slaughterhouse edition. It still has the OG 10 ball bearing in it, but it is scuffed on both halves and the front from smacking my porch during a whip combo gone horribly ary. It plays fairly close to how it did when I got it, it just never really fit my tastes and I never really liked it too much. I payed $115 for it, I’d be willing to part with it for $60. I’d trade it for:

  2. Markmont Next
  3. Dietz
  4. Cascade
  5. Whatever you feel like offering possibly.

Of course, in similar condition to the Albatross to be fair.

As of now, the Albatross DOES NOT come with it’s original box, I still have it but am unable to get it from where it is.[/s]
2. Crucial Milk GONE

[s]This is a 1st run Crucial Milk, it has a KK bearing in it at this time. It’s scuffed quite a bit, but is still pretty smooth. It plays great, it’s sort of a “hefty” throw and is cool because it is the 1st run of Crucial’s first yoyo. I’ve spent countless hours throwing with it, it’s nice. I’d part with it for $25. The KK is fairly new, and it plays great. I’d trade it for:

  1. A special edition FHZ (Silicone recessed Steve Brown FHZ, Glasseye edition, any special FHZ that it preferably modded)
  2. Whatever you feel like offering me possibly.[/s]

3. Duncan Mayhem GONE

[s]This is a sweet yoyo, definitely one of my all time favorites. I actually bought this from Gabriel Lozano, I feel like I’ve gotten my use out of it and it could be enjoyed elsewhere. As far as I can tell, there’s not physical damage to it. It does vibe a little, and I actually smacked it off of my wall once by mistake. It still plays great, and I very recently replaced the silicone stickers inside. However, I think they need broken in a little, as the binds are a bit slippy. It’s $40, or I’d trade it for:

  1. A Foxland Precision yoyo
  2. Something of similar value that you offer to me and I like.[/s]

4. HSpin Icon

There’s no way around it, I hate this thing. It’s the color, the feel, it’s not for me. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, and to be fair it is pretty smooth. I feel like the finish was done poorly, you can feel spots where it’s rubbed off and there are also a few pinpricks and scuffs on it. I remember throwing it a little this past winter and it smacking the buttons of my coat a few times. Anyway, it’s all yours for $20. I’d trade it for…

  1. Something of similar value that you offer and I like. Seriously, I really don’t have a much of a preference with this particular one.

Well, that’s it. If something catches your eye, PM me. I do have Paypal, I’d go with sketchier methods of payment but only if you have a good feedback rating (cash thru mail, etc.). I’m also not going to ship until I recieve the payment if you buy something. If we trade, we agree to swap tracking numbers on the same day we ship our throws. Keep in mind that I’m not the kind of guy that’s super strict with this kind of stuff, I yoyo pretty casually these days but am still into it.

I have tons of yellow Kitty String too, so I’ll throw in some of those with any purchase or trade!


  • Matt